Felix Crux

Technology & Miscellanea

About Me

I am a software developer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am interested in subjects such as photography, artificial intelligence, machine learning, music, free/open source software, robotics, civil liberties, comedy, electronic design, and many, many other things. I also have an academic background in economics.

My Work

I’m always trying to explore new fields, so I have picked up a smattering of knowledge about many tech buzzwords. Some of my favourite tools to work with are Python, C, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Atmel microcontrollers, LaTeX, and the whole GNU/Linux ecosystem. I’m on the Emacs side of the great text editor debate.

In terms of actual employment, I have previously worked at Wave Financial, Google, Amazon.com, Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion), CenterLine, in their Supersonic Spray Technologies R&D facility, and am currently at Cloudflare — though, naturally, everything expressed on this site is my personal opinion; I do not in any way speak on behalf of my employer, nor do I share any privileged information.

Much more interesting than who I am, is what I’ve done. Some useful things can be found in the project library, others can be read about on the blog.