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These are some of the links from all over the Web that I enjoyed the most last month:

Alex Komoroske - The Iterative Adjacent Possible. Big ambitious moonshots are taking on two huge risks: The risk of aiming in the wrong direction, and the risk of not getting there. Instead, incrementally feel your way toward the right solution, which lets you learn and chart new courses as you make progress — courses that might be better, and are certainly more achievable. See also The Roofshot Manifesto.

A Smart Bear - When should a decision be fast, or slow? Less diplomatically: most decisions should be fast, with some exceptions, enumerated here.

The ISP Column - The Internet Twenty-Five Years Later. A retrospective of the last 25 years of the Internet — its technological underpinnings, business models, and influence.

LWN.net - Rebecca Giblin on chokepoint capitalism. An interesting talk on how digital markets fail to be fair, and what we can do about it.

Made of Bugs - Efficiency trades off against resiliency. Particularly underappreciated in human systems, I think. This is why I oppose fully planning out and justifying every bit of work — there has to be room for the things you unexpectedly discover to be more important.

Tailscale - Pricing v3, plans, packages, and debugging. This is a weird thing to link to: a pricing change announcement for some online service, really? It’s not just that Tailscale is neat (it is though), but rather that after the very brief factual announcement of the pricing change, there’s a brilliantly insightful analysis of Tailscale’s paid user adoption funnel, leading into a breakdown of why their pricing model is what it is.

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